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NYC Breeds Smart Trashy men!

11 Jun

So I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been busy living it up in NYC what can I say. I’ve reread some of my old posts and wondered what guy I was talking about in each post to eventually remember with a smile on my face. Funny that I’m close friends with both those boys in my building that tried to get with me years ago. Actually there have been 3 more from the building that have tried to get with me and I’m friends with all of them. One was 26, now 27, other is 34 and last one is 42. 6th Floor guy is kinda one of my best guy friends now actually. I suspect he has some kind of weird crush on me now though. He tells me he loves me all the time and I deeply care for him. So that’s all warm and fuzzy. He’s been sober for over a year now and has a great job at a private equity firm. I’m really happy for him. I’ve spent holidays with his family and he’s gone on family vacations with me. He recently told me that I’ve always been his girl and that he’s been ready to settle down for years. He added that he’s only slept with 3 girls in 2 years, which I only half believe. I’d consider him for something serious, but he has a totally warped sense of what a committed relationship should look like. For him it’s okay to gawk at every girl that walks by and flirt with them. To me that’s entirely disrespectful when you are in a relationship. If I’m your friend it’s cool, but when you want to sleep with me…no thanks. He also slept with one of my girlfriends last year, which kinda disgusts me to no end. They were girlfriend and boyfriend at the time and he tried to date me before he chose to start talking to her and asked me to make a choice. I wouldn’t / couldn’t and I guess that pissed him off, so he banged my friend and told me all the details. They were only together for a few months, but still…gross! Barf!

At any rate, I’ve been casually dating a 27 year old that is super cute. He’s way younger than me though and super cheap. Has only treated me to one drink in 4 dates. No bueno! Tomorrow is supposed to be our 5th date. We’ve done the cutest things like vino in central park with street meat, miniature golf and now wants to go ice skating. I’m really attracted to him, but by no means am I ready to be physical with him. Side note…I’ve frequently been faded out by guys because I don’t put out. It’s sad every time it happens because there’s nothing I’d want more than to practically rape the guys, but I just need more time and comfort before I take a guy seriously and for me sex is serious. I’m planning on telling him I really like him and am really attracted to him, but I’m just not ready yet. It makes it a little more awkward because I’ve been friends with 2 of his guy friends for like 2 years. Those boys both tried to get with me over the years and I shot them down in so many ways because they were too young for me. He’s the same age go figure, but way cuter. I just don’t want anything about us getting back to those guys. Ugh!

I’m not like the average nyc girl…sure I’m a mouth whore and kiss about on average 3 guys a week, but I just do that for entertainment while waiting for someone special. I genuinely love men and like being close to them. I’m looking for someone serious though. I’ve been single now for a year and a half. I’m tired of meeting new guys. 99% of them are trash.

All of my girlfriends have the same problem in NYC. These girls are very attractive as well. All the guys want are one night or 2nd night stands and they move on. I’m smarter than that though and don’t give those dbags anything.

My latest thing has been going after nerdy guys…but even they are dirty players. I was seeing Matt who worked in Investment Banking at Credit Suisse for a few months sporadically and once he came back to my apartment and I said in so many ways I wasn’t ready… he did the slow fade. Kinda broke my heart because I thought that nerdy = sweet. I was really stretching to be attracted to him. I was so disappointed to realize that even when I’m way more attractive than the guy he’ll still choose casual, dirty, less attractive sex vs cultivating something strong and real with a beautiful girl.

What’s it going to take for me to find an attractive smart guy to sleep with exclusively and spend time with?? Am I really asking for that much? What have you girls experienced in other big cities? Should I move and leave NYC forever?