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It’s NYC Fashion Week Bitches

15 Sep

fashionweek party.jpg

I’ve been in the Hamptons every weekend of the summer and back to the fall routine now. I’m supposed to be going out tonight, but after putting a new hard drive in my crashed out laptop and loading all new software I’m kinda exhausted.

Bounce, No8 and Phd are where it’s at tonight. See ya there…hope there won’t be anything too scaring to witness #mommysaveme.

Benn G., my sweet 27 year old

10 Sep

bennMind you I’m 35 now, so I have no business messing with this boy. BUT Benn G was the really cute 27 year old that I went on all these NYC dates with. Central Park picnic, baking cookies, mini golf on the pier, Happy hours, Street meat. All so fun. I really enjoyed this guys company and by date 6 all of my girlfriends were pressuring me to give up some goods. At this point I had been back to his apartment twice for a heavier make out sessions, but stopped them each time. I did touch his dick once and it was surprisingly large and perfect. I’m pretty easy to please (physically) unlike most girls so size has never really mattered much to me with guys. Still a nice surprise considering he was on the slender side, muscular, but a little tall and lanky.

I got weirded out by this guys somewhat freak side. He carried cufflinks keys on his keychain and would always say how hot it is to put them on a girl during sex. I would joke…please romance me more, then change the topic. So weird! He was really good looking so I tolerated it.

Anyway date 7 rolls around and I invite him over to my place for dinner. He had earlier said he would bring wine. I slave over the kitchen and spend about $100 on groceries making skirt steak and crabcakes from scratch for him with roasted potatoes on the side. I made a bowl of fruit for desert. He comes over empty handed, so I say I don’t think so go across the street and buy us some wine. I knew that night was going to either be great or awful and I at least wanted to know he bought me something. I’m pretty sure I had shaved and prepped all areas full on thinking I was going to have sex with this guys after dinner. I knew beforehand I was going to have some kind of conversation with him if he was seeing anyone else because that’s obviously a no go for me.

I’m a gamer and have an original nintendo and xbox at my place, so we play some old school mario and then decide to get busy. We outgrow the couch and move to my bedroom. I ask him in so many ways if he is seeing anyone and matter of factly he says “oh that’s one thing I’m absolutely not wiling to do. Not going to be exclusive with anyone” I think I was stunned and disgusted at the same time, but kissed him and said well I absolutely cannot sleep with you then. Not going to lie it got a little awkward. I’m straddling him with my dress over my hips and thinking how the fuck do I get off him without being incredibly rude. We actually kissed a few more times because my vag and brain were having a ferocious hateful debate that my brain ultimately won.

I kinda rolled off him and told him I really liked him and I’ll probably make out with him again, but I can’t do this. He laughed and said he really liked me too. He left my apartment shortly after that. I was sad and disappointed, but what was I thinking with a 27 year old anyway?!

I had no desire to text or follow up with him and genuinely felt like a dodged a bullet yet again, but my vag was still really f’ing pissed. Weeks if not a month goes by. I distract myself with Matt S., the British Rugby player and a slew of other usless guys in the meantime.

I invite him and a bunch of people to a group happy hour and he surprises me and shows up.  A lot of people showed up and I had a new guy there I was loosely interested in. Same flirtation started we took turns buying rounds for eachother and then he ferociously made out with me as soon as we walked out of the bar. He was totally trying to kiss my boobs in the cab and I was like slow down. It was HOT though! He does this really weird thing with his tongue though that I hate. Ick!

Anyway we arrive at the next spot a guy friends bday party at Empire hotel. Was kinda a ghetto weird crowd, but good music, so whatever. Benn buys me a drink which I love because he’s so cheap. He’s acting all coupley with me then these girls walk by, not cute mind you, but probably closer to his age, say 30. He’s like hey nice seeing you guys you are so and so right. He proceeds to totally ditch me the rest of the night, which I hardly noticed because I was talking to a bunch of other people at the bday party, but after about an hour I’m like wtf. He walks by me and apologizes saying the girl might be helping him get a job. I don’t really believe it, but I don’t really care either because again he’s 27 and this is stupid. He’s just really cute. Ugh fml!

So I’ve scheduled yet another happy hour again tomorrow that he’s responded that he “maybe” going to on facebook. Maybe he’ll surprise me again and show up and we’ll ferociously make out again. Maybe not. After hanging with all these cheating guys he seems like a breath of fresh air that was at least honest with me. Is this what it’s come down to ladies of NYC? The cheating guys or the guys that just want no strings attached sex? I’m not buying either option, but it makes me sad that as a woman I have no one to be with physically. Makes me kinda want to cry though. I want nothing more than to have a man in my life, but they don’t exist here. Just stupid boy players that are even in their 40s. I feel like eating a box of chocolate chip cookies for dinner. In fact…yes I will do that and then run 8 miles at the gym. I haven’t yet gotten to Matt S. and Leo G which all just happened last week and this week. The cookie thing will make more sense then. I’ll save that for this weekend. As for now I’m officially playing Leo…hee, hee…fucker :).

NYC Breeds Smart Trashy men!

11 Jun

So I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been busy living it up in NYC what can I say. I’ve reread some of my old posts and wondered what guy I was talking about in each post to eventually remember with a smile on my face. Funny that I’m close friends with both those boys in my building that tried to get with me years ago. Actually there have been 3 more from the building that have tried to get with me and I’m friends with all of them. One was 26, now 27, other is 34 and last one is 42. 6th Floor guy is kinda one of my best guy friends now actually. I suspect he has some kind of weird crush on me now though. He tells me he loves me all the time and I deeply care for him. So that’s all warm and fuzzy. He’s been sober for over a year now and has a great job at a private equity firm. I’m really happy for him. I’ve spent holidays with his family and he’s gone on family vacations with me. He recently told me that I’ve always been his girl and that he’s been ready to settle down for years. He added that he’s only slept with 3 girls in 2 years, which I only half believe. I’d consider him for something serious, but he has a totally warped sense of what a committed relationship should look like. For him it’s okay to gawk at every girl that walks by and flirt with them. To me that’s entirely disrespectful when you are in a relationship. If I’m your friend it’s cool, but when you want to sleep with me…no thanks. He also slept with one of my girlfriends last year, which kinda disgusts me to no end. They were girlfriend and boyfriend at the time and he tried to date me before he chose to start talking to her and asked me to make a choice. I wouldn’t / couldn’t and I guess that pissed him off, so he banged my friend and told me all the details. They were only together for a few months, but still…gross! Barf!

At any rate, I’ve been casually dating a 27 year old that is super cute. He’s way younger than me though and super cheap. Has only treated me to one drink in 4 dates. No bueno! Tomorrow is supposed to be our 5th date. We’ve done the cutest things like vino in central park with street meat, miniature golf and now wants to go ice skating. I’m really attracted to him, but by no means am I ready to be physical with him. Side note…I’ve frequently been faded out by guys because I don’t put out. It’s sad every time it happens because there’s nothing I’d want more than to practically rape the guys, but I just need more time and comfort before I take a guy seriously and for me sex is serious. I’m planning on telling him I really like him and am really attracted to him, but I’m just not ready yet. It makes it a little more awkward because I’ve been friends with 2 of his guy friends for like 2 years. Those boys both tried to get with me over the years and I shot them down in so many ways because they were too young for me. He’s the same age go figure, but way cuter. I just don’t want anything about us getting back to those guys. Ugh!

I’m not like the average nyc girl…sure I’m a mouth whore and kiss about on average 3 guys a week, but I just do that for entertainment while waiting for someone special. I genuinely love men and like being close to them. I’m looking for someone serious though. I’ve been single now for a year and a half. I’m tired of meeting new guys. 99% of them are trash.

All of my girlfriends have the same problem in NYC. These girls are very attractive as well. All the guys want are one night or 2nd night stands and they move on. I’m smarter than that though and don’t give those dbags anything.

My latest thing has been going after nerdy guys…but even they are dirty players. I was seeing Matt who worked in Investment Banking at Credit Suisse for a few months sporadically and once he came back to my apartment and I said in so many ways I wasn’t ready… he did the slow fade. Kinda broke my heart because I thought that nerdy = sweet. I was really stretching to be attracted to him. I was so disappointed to realize that even when I’m way more attractive than the guy he’ll still choose casual, dirty, less attractive sex vs cultivating something strong and real with a beautiful girl.

What’s it going to take for me to find an attractive smart guy to sleep with exclusively and spend time with?? Am I really asking for that much? What have you girls experienced in other big cities? Should I move and leave NYC forever?

More winners in the NYC area!

30 Jul

Does this guy really think he’s going to have a chance with me with this picture on his profile? Idiot! I feel like I’m surrounded by morons! You stupid ass guys listen to me…If you say you went to college learn how to write in sentence format. It matters!


“duc1098ati   7/29/2012 5:58:23 PM

hey gorgeous, im wayne, how are ya doin”

Online Dating at it’s Best

10 Jun

I don’t know if many of you have experience in the world of online dating, but I just had my first “real” taste of it and I’d like to share my experience with you all . The two sites used were and (POF).

**Stay tuned for updates**

For starters, let me just say that I am a fit, educated, attractive, professional young lady in my early 30s. Given the nature of my newly single status I decided to go man shopping online. In general I have found that there are more educated higher earning men on as opposed to POF, but still put a good effort into both sites. It’s also important to note that provides income range information, where as POF doesn’t.

Let’s all be honest girls… we all care what a guy makes and how he makes it. We don’t want to make more then them and have to be a sugar momma and also we want to know they mean business. Meaning, if things progress with anyone you meet they could potentially be an equal partner and help build a family with you if desired.

I sent about a good 90 plus winks a day on, yet it’s much more difficult to get a dialogue going with men here for some reason. will actually block any further attempts to wink if you send approx 97 winks.  Pretty funny! In comparison, on POF my first week, I think I had email dialogue with at least 10 men (40 or so emails that I didn’t respond to), chat with 15 guys and texting with at least 4 guys that I was genuinely interested in. At this point I’m thinking POF is the way to go from a shear numbers perspective.

I let several weeks go by out of fear from meeting any of the POF guys and disappointment from the lack of interest being displayed on the better educated, higher earning men on

I come back in full affect by week 4 and get really liberal with giving out my number on POF where I’ve had the most success. MISTAKE!! I’ll get into it later. To the point where I get 2 different “Rob’s” from POF confused. Eeekkkk!

A few guys never called from POF for some reason. Some guys didn’t even want to talk on the phone they just wanted to meet up after sending 4 emails back and forth in one day. I almost went on one of these quick dates without talking on the phone until I requested a phone call for safety precautions. I highly recommend you ladies do the same. You never know!

1. ROB  from Queens, NY that works in Media–  POF (Coincidentally, saw he has a profile on match too)

This guy had the typical trampy looking girl next to him in a couple of pics and had a couple of sunglasses pics. **Read below on what pics not to post on your profile if you are a guy**If you are a normal guy….DON’T DO THIS! In fact no pictures should be allowed wearing sunglasses on dating sites. You can’t see what the frickin’ person looks like.

ROB sent well written emails with correct punctuation to me back and forth about 4 times then wanted to meet at a local Midtown East pub called O’Casey’s* later on that night. Just to be safe I go get a blowout and a haircut to make sure I looked great for this possible 1st POF date. I asked him for a simple phone call before hand to confirm with hours of advance notice. THE GUY NEVER CALLED…even after an attempt to chat with him. I sent him an email 10 mins after we were supposed to meet saying “I don’t know what’s going on? You never called”. He responds 5 mins later saying “Ugggghh! We aren’t meeting now” and that was it. It was his fault and he let his ego get in the way and I wasted a blow out. Well not really I had 3 other dates lined up 🙂 1st POF date a bust!

2. ROB from Westchester, NY works in Film–  POF

This guy had a couple of fuzzy pics, but he looked like a good, tall, and attractive Italian boy. Just the kind I like. We send 2 emails back and forth and I give him my number. He calls me while I’m waiting for ROB 1 to call me and I get them confused. I feel really bad as the good girl vibe is typically my angle. This was fouled up from the beginning on my part. That changed REAL QUICK when he starts playfully making fun of me saying that I’m a player. I’m like “no really I haven’t met anyone…you are like the first person I talked to”, which was true. I’m ok with being called a player, but when he starts talking about his PSYCHO EX that was also a player for about 15 mins…I quickly learned I’m in DANGER ZONE. Yes, it’s true it was my fault I didn’t have an exit strategy, but I’m new at this and it’s why I’m writing in this blog, so all of you can learn from my mistakes. I let the conversation continue and ROB proceeded to ask me how much I weighed? I was like what the hizell? I told him my weight then he started telling me about the various sized women he’s dated. Then he asked me if I wear thongs …this is where it got UGLY! I’m gripping the phone so tight and just keep saying “ROB why are you asking me this?” I’m not going to go there.” Then he starts telling me how turned on he is and if I’ve ever had PHONE SEX. Ahhh right here I realize I’m in ONLINE DATING HELLL! Some how I keep changing the topic and then finally get off the phone. He calls me 30 minutes later really intense with the phone sex and I tell him I’m going to have to let him go so he can take care of himself because I don’t want any part of what he’s doing. Then he flips out and tells me I’m a “typical POF girl that has baggage”???? Why because I don’t want phone sex??? Unreal. Watch out for these types lady…they do exist. Even if they are wearing suits in their pictures, are handsome and clean cut.


Use this site to get an instant phone call for call waiting

Use this site to schedule a call

I just tested both and they work! You can call yourself and use it as an excuse to get off the phone or end a date early after an hour or so, which is more then enough time. No need to bother your friends to save you anymore 🙂

3. JEREMY from Astoria Queens, NY works as a bank manager —-POF

Jeremy is an Irish 6’5 tall, 36 year old well built man, but actually looked more like 42 in person. Wrinkles! We send a few emails back and forth and he asks me to meet up later on during the same day. I ask him for a phone call and he calls. Great, we agree to meet at a somewhat divey bar on the UES called Bar Coastal*. I’m there early waiting at this crowded bar and he shows up. He’s not repulsive. He’s fit. He’s just a total spaz. I guess he was nervous. I think he chugged 4 beers in 45 mins and occasionally missed his mouth while drinking…oh brother! After 45 mins, he starts rubbing my hand and motioning for me to put my arm around his…WHAT? This guy is moving REAL FAST! I mean there was a lot of hand rubbing. There can be too much hand rubbing. He buys me 2 drinks and a basket of popcorn shrimp. Modest, but really nice and sweet. He however orders spicy chicken tenders with wing sauce. Not typical date food. He broke out into a drenching facial sweat while eating them and had a perpetually running nose. I thought to myself…”so not a good look man”. Gross! I did plan on an exit strategy for this date, because date #4 was right around the corner. I told him my friends were meeting me for a movie at Kips bay and that they were already on their way. He tried to get me to cancel with no success. He pays the tab like a gentlemen and I thank him up and down. It wasn’t terrible at this point. Especially when we walked out he held my hand as we walked to 2nd ave and he was sooo tall that it was attractive. I’m 5’5 and he’s 6’5, so he just seemed like a gentle giant.  It all came crashing down hill when he put me in my cab and shoved his tongue in my mouth….GROSS! There was practically no lip contact…just tongue. Done over! I’m disgusted…hoping date 4 goes so much better.

4. LEONARDO from Huntington Long Island, NY works as a DayTrader — POF

Nice tall latin guy, from a good background. Unfortunately found out he’s 30 and still lives at home with his parents during an online chat. _____The sound of my face hitting the floor!!!!! This is a no go, but I decide I still need practice. Still not sure if this was stupid of me, but leaning on the yes…stupid side. Feel free to comment. I know he’s not fit for long term, but still decide to meet up with him. Initially we emailed a few times, then went to chat very quickly. He asks to call me and we talk for like an hour. They guy doesn’t want to let me go and it’s late, but whatever. We tentatively agree to either do a Sunday brunch party or do a dinner. I’m a bit of a “good” party girl. I like to dance and have fun, whatever, so this was more appealing to me then the dive bar. As JEREMY leaves me in my cab I call LEONARDO to find out where we are meeting. We agree on Nikki Beach Midtown*. I walk in and see him by the bar…darn he’s not as cute as his pics. Ugggghhhh! Forget that though the place is fist pumping guido central! Did I mention I like Italian guys :). They all seemed to be here from Brooklyn and Long Island tonight. Maybe not solid long term potential, but fun to look at to say the least. I’m finding it difficult to keep paying attention to LEONARDO, but he buys me 2 drinks like a gentleman and I thank him many times. The WEIRD part is this kind of turned into a group date as he had about 3 friends with him, that knew another 10 people there. I was like what’s going on here? Who are all of these people? One of the guys, that turns out to be LEONARDO’s cousin, comes up to me and starts stroking my cheek and saying “man you met her on POF? That’s a GOOD HIT man!” I was like “good hit”?? What the hell does that mean? I assumed it was some kind of twisted compliment, but still really wierd. Eventually LEONARDO asks me if we want to go to dinner on our own or go with his friends…I’m not really feeling him so I say yes to the group thing. STUPID!!!! We get in his Crooklyn-esq friend’s 750 BMW, don’t ask how he got it and proceed on to Wolfgang Pucks*. I’ve been here before for happy hour and it has top notch food, so I’m excited. The 4 of us are seated. The cousin and the driver start shoving bread n butter sammich’s in there mouths like they were on death row. It’s ridiculously comical! I order just an appetizer to stay modest with a water. That’s it. Meanwhile these guys order like kings. They were all so unpolished and lacking manners it was kind of hard to stomach, but I was laughing at the scene in my head. THEN…I see all of them texting at a point and the cousin to my right saying over the table to LEONARDO “yeah man it’s a good hit go for it”. I interrupt them and say “guys I’m sitting right here I know you are talking about me” and then they get all apologetic and say “oh no it’s a good thing, don’t worry about it”. At this point I want to go home and I wait 20mis and ask him how he’s going to get home. There was a pause….I think this “bro” thought he was going to shack up with me. Grant it, it was late…like 11pm or something, but HELLS NO! So they guys get the bill I offer 40 bucks which was way too much, but I didn’t have change and they didn’t take it, which was nice, but I only ordered 1 crab cake. We leave the place and the guys hop in the car and leave me in the dust to catch a cab. NOT COOL! At least put me in one. IDIOT! He texts me later on that night to make sure I’m ok and has since texted me several other times, but Ehhh! Now looking back after date 5 he’s not looking so bad. Now on to 5. Brian from match…

5. Brian from Manhattan Via Miami but from Rochester, NY owns a Government Consulting Company– Match

This guy was the wild card. He’s only 28, but spoke like he was 35, tall, Irish and Italian. Had high end taste and looked kinda cute from his pics. I was excited. He was actually the first non-whacko that reached out on Chat through Match, so I accepted and we did chat for like an hour then I gave him my number and we spoke for another hour. Funny thing was that during our chat I accidentally hit the “block” button and it took me a minute to figure out how to unblock him. I could see him typing, but nothing would come up. So I write, “I’m typing can you see my messages? Something is wrong here. I think I blocked you by accident.” I go to my messages area to write him an email and there are 4 emails telling me what a Pyscho I am for coming up with that story and what a bit$h I was. WOW! This guy just called me a bit$h and I just barely gave him my name. Not looking good!  I think the error I’ve repeated over and over again is giving my number out too quickly. The reason why I do this though is to move the process along faster of meeting the guys to avoid unnecessary build up, but I think I should take a slower approach to save myself some headaches and time. BRIAN proceeds to text me the following day and gives me the impression he is HIGH MAINTENANCE. Not one text, but like 25. I told him I had an errand to run and needed to go and he was dissapointed…man…lay off it already! We originally make plans to meet on Sunday afternoon, but he doesn’t get back to me till 6pm. I’m in the throws of JEREMY HELL and on my way to LEONARDO HELL, so I’m maxed out. We end up having to reschedule for Monday night. We decide to meet at 6:30 inside Grand Central Station. It was a little disorganized and a bad idea in the first place. It’s rush hour with maniacs and homeless people everywhere and you want to meet there? Ok…if we can avoid getting run over by the stampedes of people fine. We finally meet and he’s dressed very sharply, but I’m taken a bit back by his bad breath, black tooth (thought it was spinach at first) and his baldness! Man should’ve know from all the profile pics with hats in them! As we walk out of Grand Central it’s apparent he’s very Miami and pushes me out of the way so he can walk on the side of the walkway that faces the street (to protect the girl if a car comes up on the sidewalk…stupid, I know). He opens every door as I walk through and I loved that. He was very courteous and gentlemanly. I suggest we go get coffee at Crumbs* which is literally right out the door. To his point, there was a homeless man standing directly inside seemingly perched on the stairs, so we opted for somewhere else. He says “I know…I have drink vouchers (also know as coupons) for the Waldorf-Astoria* that I’ll never use if we don’t use them now. Let’s go back to my office and get them. I’m like ok. Kinda exciting, because I’ve never been to the Waldorf-Astoria for drinks before. So we go to his office and I wait in the lobby. It’s a nice modern renovated or new building. I wait for like 10 mins and he shows back up. No bag or jacket or anything. We walk over to the Waldorf-Astoria and go to the bar. On the walk over I couldn’t help but notice his weird body type or body language. Chest puffed out and feet pointed out side-ward  when walking. It was a definite negative, but we were at the Waldorf-Astoria, so who cared for now. We sit down and he asks me if I’m a people watcher. Which I’ll admit I do sometimes do, but what he liked to do was stare at every person in the room and criticize them. It was actually kind of mean. No one was safe from his criticism. He would interrupt me to make comments about people. No go! Then he starts rubbing my hand…I immediately think…what the hell is up with the hand rubbing, get the F off me! I smile and try to keep my hands occupied by eating nuts and holding my drink. He says he’s having such a good time that we should get dinner. I suggest that we just take it slow. He’s like nonsense. Let’s go get something to eat. We only order one drink each and he pays for the bill with his voucher a.k.a coupon. Then, he masterfully asks if I can get the tip since he has no cash on him.  I paid it willingly. I took my wallet out and asked for change and I noticed him looking at my wallet and he commented on my various credit cards. NOTE* At this point he also took out his wallet and it was filled with cards of all kinds I didn’t look specifically to avoid being rude, but it was a HUGE wallet* If a guy doesn’t come prepared enough to have cash on a first date then it’s a problem. This should have been a red flag to me, but now I know. This is a no go!  A guy should pay for everything on the first date. I don’t care how much money he thinks he has, whether or not he has a boat,  or how many super models have stolen from him in the past. I’m an IDIOT though and I hope you learn from my mistakes because it gets a lot worse for me.

Now on to dinner. We wait in the lobby of the Waldorf-Astoria and brain storm some possible dinner spots. He suggests Phillipe and Tao. We opt for Tao* for the more youthful hip vibe. We hop in a cab and it takes 5 mins to get there. He pays for the cab fare with his cc and I thank him. I’m fumbling with my purse and he’s waiting for me to get out of the cab first and says “After you”. Very polite! So we get out, he loses his balance, shuts the door and we proceed into the restaurant. He can’t stop talking about everyone else once we get inside. It’s awful, but the place is amazing visually. I can’t believe I had never been there before. We get seated shortly after upstairs, so we get a great view for his people watching. He chooses our appetizers, which was annoying. I don’t like for anyone to order for me. Ask me what I want jerk! He orders crab cake and pork rolls. He orders a main entree that’s about 30.00 and mine is 36.00. Pretty expensive. We each order one drink. Then we get dessert which he recommends. After dessert he starts fumbling around and acting nervous. He says “I can’t find my card, where’s my card?” He looked a bit neurotic! I saw him looking in his pockets, but I noticed that he never once pulled out his wallet, which I thought was weird. Who only has one credit card? I know I don’t have just one. So he then says “I must’ve left it in the cab on the way here. Did I fumble getting out of the cab? Do you think you can get this? Can you afford it?” pointing in the direction of the bill. It dawned on me at that moment, that I was TOTALLY PUNKED in the worst way. I was going to have to pay for this mother f’er that I didn’t even like. I didn’t suggest the place, he did and I got stuck with the entire bill. All $165.00 of it!!!!! Plus, I had paid the tip from the drinks at Waldorf-Astoria. I went from feeling like a princess to a sugar momma for a degenerate in one second. Talk about a NY SECOND! And I did it all with a smile on my face. I felt scammed in the worst way, but at this point I just wanted to get the hell away from this bragging loser as fast as I could. He apologized many times and said he would take me out to a nice pizza place tomorrow or wherever I wanted to go. I was like OK, sure it happens. I was dying inside though. To make matters worse he didn’t have any way of getting home. First he said he would walk the 20 blocks back, then he said he could just walk from my place, which is only 5 blocks. Then when I get in the cab I tell the driver my cross streets and BRIAN says “wait did you tell him we are doing 2 stops” I said “Oh I thought you were going to walk back from my place since I lived closer to Tao. No he started with this confused look and said “oh ok, well whatever” which was rude . Then I thought quickly if he walks from my place I’ll have to be outside alone with him. If the cab drops him off first at his place it will be out of the way, but fast.  I then said ok, “two stops, drop him off first”…and I got the bill again. Man was that the worst date ever in the history of dates.

Guy Profile Pic NO-NOss

Do not post pics on your online dating profile of you….

Trampy girl standing next to you in a pic…think again…putting trampy girls in your pictures will turn other potential girls off even if it’s your sister. Don’t make our head gears turn if they don’t have to.  Holding a fish you just caught….gross! Sunglasses…we can’t see your face! Hats off….we want to see if you have hair…don’t make us find out when we meet you. Not in your bathroom mirror…tacky! Not with your shirt off…although sexy, not classy! Not next to your really hot guy friend or friends. Not standing in front of some national monument where we can’t see your face. We just want you! That’s all we really care about. Keep it simple stupid!