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More winners in the NYC area!

30 Jul

Does this guy really think he’s going to have a chance with me with this picture on his profile? Idiot! I feel like I’m surrounded by morons! You stupid ass guys listen to me…If you say you went to college learn how to write in sentence format. It matters!


“duc1098ati   7/29/2012 5:58:23 PM

hey gorgeous, im wayne, how are ya doin”

What’s wrong with Guys?

25 Jul

I go to my email box this morning and I have another message on Plentyoffish.com. I look at the guys pictures first and thought hmmm he’s cute I hope he wrote something nice. I check the message and this is what I found :


















7/25/2012 8:00:14 AM

Sit on my face?


Will someone please help me understand what’s wrong with guys?

He’s obviously another delete. And my mother wonders why I’m not married!?! I’ll never get married if this is all that’s out there. Sigh!

Loser Guys Get Tips on How to Get Laid via Meetup.com

18 Jun

I was surprised when I was going through Meetup.com looking for networking opportunities to find this group

” New York area Get Better Dating Women meetup group “. The search term I looked up was “Business Networking”, so your guess is as good as mine why this group popped up.

It’s a group of guys or PUA’s pronounced Poooahs (a.k.a Pick Up Artists – Yes, I had to Google that to figure out the meaning!) dedicated to helping guys to get laid or build up the confidence to “get the girl they want”. I read some of the group reviews because everything else is hidden from non members and was disgusted! Continue reading for some shocking quoted reviews of the group!

“ I just took a bootcamp with these guys and saw immediate results. I got into the community about 6 months ago. I spent about $2500 on other companies and got no results. I took a bootcamp with these guys and I got laid the night of my bootcamp and got laid two days later. Deciding to take this bootcamp was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They will push you to your limits and make sure you get results. One of the coaches I worked with was Greg, an awesome PUA down here in Miami. He helped me with the logistics and made sure I sealed the deal. Each of us who took the bootcamp was given a goal at the beginning of the night and the coaches made sure we all accomplished our goal, whether it was a number, an isolation, or a kiss close. Everyone who has ever wanted to get good at pickup or wanted to have choice in the women they date should definitely do this bootcamp. You can not find a price close to this with any other company. ”

— on Apr 14, 2010.

I want to know the names of the idiot girls that slept with this loser? Please Miami…talk to me?!?

I mean where are the bootcamps for ladies on how to reject douchebag guys that are trying to treat you like prostitutes? While you are at it emasculate them and have them running to mommy! It’s the same kind of disrespect for your fellow human being. When did copulation turn into a game of search and destroy? How did we let it get this far ladies? And why do so many of you dumb girls keep playing this game with these undeserving men?

I did a quick search on douchebags and this is comically what I found lol.


Even though there is no official group on “How to spot a Douchebag” yet, there f’ing should be to protect all you retardo girls out there. When are you ladies going to learn… SEX IS A WEAPON. When you hand over your weapon you have no leverage…which is why you don’t get a call back. You were gifted with great curves and sensuality, now use your brain and use those assets. It’s a great POWER that for some reason most of us women don’t use. WTF?!?

Smarten up ladies! Don’t make me hunt you down and bitch slap you!