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Benn G., my sweet 27 year old

10 Sep

bennMind you I’m 35 now, so I have no business messing with this boy. BUT Benn G was the really cute 27 year old that I went on all these NYC dates with. Central Park picnic, baking cookies, mini golf on the pier, Happy hours, Street meat. All so fun. I really enjoyed this guys company and by date 6 all of my girlfriends were pressuring me to give up some goods. At this point I had been back to his apartment twice for a heavier make out sessions, but stopped them each time. I did touch his dick once and it was surprisingly large and perfect. I’m pretty easy to please (physically) unlike most girls so size has never really mattered much to me with guys. Still a nice surprise considering he was on the slender side, muscular, but a little tall and lanky.

I got weirded out by this guys somewhat freak side. He carried cufflinks keys on his keychain and would always say how hot it is to put them on a girl during sex. I would joke…please romance me more, then change the topic. So weird! He was really good looking so I tolerated it.

Anyway date 7 rolls around and I invite him over to my place for dinner. He had earlier said he would bring wine. I slave over the kitchen and spend about $100 on groceries making skirt steak and crabcakes from scratch for him with roasted potatoes on the side. I made a bowl of fruit for desert. He comes over empty handed, so I say I don’t think so go across the street and buy us some wine. I knew that night was going to either be great or awful and I at least wanted to know he bought me something. I’m pretty sure I had shaved and prepped all areas full on thinking I was going to have sex with this guys after dinner. I knew beforehand I was going to have some kind of conversation with him if he was seeing anyone else because that’s obviously a no go for me.

I’m a gamer and have an original nintendo and xbox at my place, so we play some old school mario and then decide to get busy. We outgrow the couch and move to my bedroom. I ask him in so many ways if he is seeing anyone and matter of factly he says “oh that’s one thing I’m absolutely not wiling to do. Not going to be exclusive with anyone” I think I was stunned and disgusted at the same time, but kissed him and said well I absolutely cannot sleep with you then. Not going to lie it got a little awkward. I’m straddling him with my dress over my hips and thinking how the fuck do I get off him without being incredibly rude. We actually kissed a few more times because my vag and brain were having a ferocious hateful debate that my brain ultimately won.

I kinda rolled off him and told him I really liked him and I’ll probably make out with him again, but I can’t do this. He laughed and said he really liked me too. He left my apartment shortly after that. I was sad and disappointed, but what was I thinking with a 27 year old anyway?!

I had no desire to text or follow up with him and genuinely felt like a dodged a bullet yet again, but my vag was still really f’ing pissed. Weeks if not a month goes by. I distract myself with Matt S., the British Rugby player and a slew of other usless guys in the meantime.

I invite him and a bunch of people to a group happy hour and he surprises me and shows up.  A lot of people showed up and I had a new guy there I was loosely interested in. Same flirtation started we took turns buying rounds for eachother and then he ferociously made out with me as soon as we walked out of the bar. He was totally trying to kiss my boobs in the cab and I was like slow down. It was HOT though! He does this really weird thing with his tongue though that I hate. Ick!

Anyway we arrive at the next spot a guy friends bday party at Empire hotel. Was kinda a ghetto weird crowd, but good music, so whatever. Benn buys me a drink which I love because he’s so cheap. He’s acting all coupley with me then these girls walk by, not cute mind you, but probably closer to his age, say 30. He’s like hey nice seeing you guys you are so and so right. He proceeds to totally ditch me the rest of the night, which I hardly noticed because I was talking to a bunch of other people at the bday party, but after about an hour I’m like wtf. He walks by me and apologizes saying the girl might be helping him get a job. I don’t really believe it, but I don’t really care either because again he’s 27 and this is stupid. He’s just really cute. Ugh fml!

So I’ve scheduled yet another happy hour again tomorrow that he’s responded that he “maybe” going to on facebook. Maybe he’ll surprise me again and show up and we’ll ferociously make out again. Maybe not. After hanging with all these cheating guys he seems like a breath of fresh air that was at least honest with me. Is this what it’s come down to ladies of NYC? The cheating guys or the guys that just want no strings attached sex? I’m not buying either option, but it makes me sad that as a woman I have no one to be with physically. Makes me kinda want to cry though. I want nothing more than to have a man in my life, but they don’t exist here. Just stupid boy players that are even in their 40s. I feel like eating a box of chocolate chip cookies for dinner. In fact…yes I will do that and then run 8 miles at the gym. I haven’t yet gotten to Matt S. and Leo G which all just happened last week and this week. The cookie thing will make more sense then. I’ll save that for this weekend. As for now I’m officially playing Leo…hee, hee…fucker :).

Loser Guys Get Tips on How to Get Laid via Meetup.com

18 Jun

I was surprised when I was going through Meetup.com looking for networking opportunities to find this group

” New York area Get Better Dating Women meetup group “. The search term I looked up was “Business Networking”, so your guess is as good as mine why this group popped up.

It’s a group of guys or PUA’s pronounced Poooahs (a.k.a Pick Up Artists – Yes, I had to Google that to figure out the meaning!) dedicated to helping guys to get laid or build up the confidence to “get the girl they want”. I read some of the group reviews because everything else is hidden from non members and was disgusted! Continue reading for some shocking quoted reviews of the group!

“ I just took a bootcamp with these guys and saw immediate results. I got into the community about 6 months ago. I spent about $2500 on other companies and got no results. I took a bootcamp with these guys and I got laid the night of my bootcamp and got laid two days later. Deciding to take this bootcamp was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They will push you to your limits and make sure you get results. One of the coaches I worked with was Greg, an awesome PUA down here in Miami. He helped me with the logistics and made sure I sealed the deal. Each of us who took the bootcamp was given a goal at the beginning of the night and the coaches made sure we all accomplished our goal, whether it was a number, an isolation, or a kiss close. Everyone who has ever wanted to get good at pickup or wanted to have choice in the women they date should definitely do this bootcamp. You can not find a price close to this with any other company. ”

— on Apr 14, 2010.

I want to know the names of the idiot girls that slept with this loser? Please Miami…talk to me?!?

I mean where are the bootcamps for ladies on how to reject douchebag guys that are trying to treat you like prostitutes? While you are at it emasculate them and have them running to mommy! It’s the same kind of disrespect for your fellow human being. When did copulation turn into a game of search and destroy? How did we let it get this far ladies? And why do so many of you dumb girls keep playing this game with these undeserving men?

I did a quick search on douchebags and this is comically what I found lol.


Even though there is no official group on “How to spot a Douchebag” yet, there f’ing should be to protect all you retardo girls out there. When are you ladies going to learn… SEX IS A WEAPON. When you hand over your weapon you have no leverage…which is why you don’t get a call back. You were gifted with great curves and sensuality, now use your brain and use those assets. It’s a great POWER that for some reason most of us women don’t use. WTF?!?

Smarten up ladies! Don’t make me hunt you down and bitch slap you!